H.U. Partners



Why are we the best in the market? And what can we offer to you?

At H.U. Partners, we take a fresh and innovative approach to accounting. Our team of professionals are committed to challenging traditional thinking and continuously seek improved methods for conducting business. 

Our primary objective is to establish strong and respectful relationships with our clients, enabling us to add significant value to both you and your business.

Tax & Compliance

At H.U. Partners, we understand that staying compliant with tax laws is crucial for your peace of mind and business growth.

Our commitment to keeping up with tax changes, both internally and externally, ensures our clients receive practical compliance advice promptly.

With expertise spanning various industries and business types, private companies, foreign-owned entities, family businesses, trusts, and partnerships, our seasoned tax team is here to support you.

Our tax assistance covers several essential aspects:

  • Maximising your entitlement to offsets, rebates, and deductions.
  • Managing your exposure to Capital Gains Tax.
  • Navigating Stamp Duties and state taxes like Land Tax.
  • Structuring your finances in a tax-efficient manner.

Accounting & Business Advisory

We offer comprehensive Accounting and Business Advisory services that go beyond traditional financial management.

We recognise that businesses today face complex challenges in navigating their markets and achieving sustainable growth. Our approach is rooted in clarity and simplicity, aiming to empower our clients with actionable strategies. We focus on distilling your goals and aspirations into concise, purposeful, and user-friendly plans. 

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

H.U. Partners has a dedicated in-house resource to handle all aspect of our clients SMSF Tax and Compliance. We appreciate that many clients have a SMSF as part of their overall wealth structure and ensure that are supported with up-to-date information and remain complying.

Xero Solutions

H.U. Partners specialise in assisting their clients realise the potential of cloud accounting using Xero.

Talk to us today about how we can assist you meet all your compliance needs in a cost effective and efficient manner.

This gives us time to focus on the more important aspects of your business such as cashflow analysis and business profitability and gives you more time for anything other than slaving over your books.